“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”  (Buckminster Fuller)


Increasing digitalization, new competitors with disruptive business models, climate change, social trends, corporate succession and mergers & acquisitions require major change processes. Existing business models, workflows, leadership culture and the working environment need to be rethought and readjusted. Brands need to be strenghtened or repositioned. Unfortunately, the majority of corporate change processes fail. Most of them fail already in the initial phase or they are not effective. The reason: Very few people are positive about change. Most people have difficulties with changing cherished habits. Every change process needs to be seen and designed as an organizational and a cultural process. Not only organizational structures, but people, mindsets, attitudes and behavior have to change. There is no “abbreviation by announcement”.

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We support our clients as consultants, moderators, analysts and strategists, facilitators, trainers and coaches. For a successful change process we focus on attitudes and awareness. And we build on existing people’s and corporate potentials and strengths. Accordingly, we develop a tailor-made Cultural Change Design. The creation of the common goal and the common sense are two core elements of every successful change process. We know from our many years of experience that managers and their teams do not only want to be informed about the “why” and “where to” of change. They must be given the chance to understand it. Moreover, they need the personal confidence to be able to change. And they must recognize their “what’s in for me”.