Invited Talks

New thought-provoking impulses, in-depth specialization in selected areas – the speeches of Christine Riedmann-Streitz address current issues, technological, economic, consumer and social developments and trends of the future in addition to their respective core topics. They are always an expression of many years of her practical experience in industry and trade in a wide variety of sectors B2B and B2C. Talks and Topics will be agreed upon individually. Contact:

Christine Riedmann-Streitz is an experienced speaker who inspires and delights her audience with her interactive keynotes and impulse lectures.

„Your keynote speech provided very good insights for the HR Conference and definitetly also lasting impulses in the consideration of trade and changing customer expectations.“
(Quote of a HR Director at the conference „In Führung! Im Handel“;
Photograph: Thomas Fedra)


Keynotes – Invited Talks (Extract)

„Smart Island“
Keynote and Design Café about „Smart Island“ in the context of the FORWARD project
Universidade da Madeira, Madeira, 26./27. Oktober 2021

„Digital Cities – Digital Regions: Developing smart Municipalities“
Hessisches Ministerium für Digitalisierung, Congress 2021 at 8. September 2021
Keynote „Achieving broad acceptance – success factors for effective participation“

„experience2emotion – measure, what really counts“
Keynote at Experience Forum 2020, digital, 9. Juni 2020

„Rethinking Innovation in the Digital Age“
Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe Universität, Frankfurt am Main, 2019, 2020, 2021

Keynote at MEXCON 2020
Meeting Experts Conference (MEXCON), 29. and 30. June 2020, hub27 Berlin

„Leadership in the Digital Age: Do we need a sense of justice to be viable for the future?“ –
A keynote speech on relevance & growth through Leadership by Values
Keynote, Rotary Club, 23. Oktober 2019

„Boost Your Success – Branding und USP as Key to Success“
Keynote at Best Excellence F.A.Z. [Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung] Start-up breakfast, Frankfurt am Main, 23. October 2019

„ReThinking Innovation in the Digital Age“
Keynote at Summer Innovation Campus, UTAD University, Portugal, 26. September 2019

„Customer Centricity: Are all our activities really geared to our customers and their respective needs?“
Keynote with following interactive participatory Transfer Workshop
Well-known institution from the event industry, June 2019

„Train-the-Brain – A neuroscientific perspective on Thinking, Digitalization, and AI“
Well-known company from finance industry, April 2019

„BrainPower Boost in the Digital Age“
Marketing Club Saar, 4. December 2018

„Strong German Brands“
Staatliche Kommission für Entwicklung und Reform der VR China, 18. October 2018

„Innovation – Change – Employer Branding: How HR could redefine its role in the Digital Age“
HR Conference „In Führung! Im Handel“
„Leading The Change –  Successful Human Resources Management in Retail Trade“, 09./10.October 2018
Deutscher Fachverlag, dfv Conference Group

„BrainPower Boost in the Digital Age“
Marketing Club Frankfurt am Main, MC-Special, 18. September 2018

„Digitale Transformation – Confusion – Disruption“
Keynote Speech and Moderation of the World Café
Deutscher Verband für Post, Informationstechnologie und Telekommunikation e.V., PDL Forum, Logistik Netzwerk, 06./07. June 2018

„Social Media: Chances and Risks for Brands and Corporate Reputation“
Rittershaus Rechtsanwälte, PRAXIS TRIFFT RECHT@RITTERSHAUS, April 2018

„Digital Disruption – Why we need Strong Brands in the Future“
Sinalco, International Partnership Conference, March 2018

„Will there still be Brands in the Future?“
IHK Frankfurt, Commission Business and Management Consultancy firms, February 2018

„Future Work Paradise? The role of humans in an ‚all automated economy'“
1000 Vordenker, Tenth 1000Vordenker Conference, „The Future of Mixed Intelligence“, December 2017

„Working World 4.0 – Key Factors of a successful Transformation“
crenet Roundtable Stuttgart, November 2017

„ReThinking Brand Management – The role of Brands in the Digital Age“
Plenary Speech at Karls Brand Colloqium, Karlshochschule International University, June 2017

„Working World 2030 – Setting the course for tomorrow today
INservFM – Congress, Trade Fair and Congress für Facility Management und Industrieservice in the Public Sector, in Industry, Hospital, Health Sector, Frankfurt am Main, February 2017

„Smart Sustainability needs Persuasive Design“
World Usability Day, Berlin, November 2016

„Vordenker – Creating and Reconfiguring new Worlds“
„to innovate or not to innovate – that’s not the question any more: Creating a value-adding future by hybrid or disruptive Innovation“
Bethmann Bank, Bethmann Entrepreneur’s Forum, September 2016

„The Brand in the Digital Age“
Ströer, Customer Event, Museum für Kommunikation on the occasion of the exhibition „Berührt – Verführt. Werbekampagnen, die Geschichte machten“, Frankfurt am Main, September 2016

„Digitalization – Force of Nature or logical Consequence?“
Future Network Xchange, „Digital Transformation, Disruption or Confusion? How is your enterprise doing? Who understands what?, Frankfurt am Main, June 2016

„Employer Brand 4.0“
Success Factor „Strong Employer Brand“ in the Digital Age

BVMW Entrepreneur Breakfast, Bad Nauheim, May 2016

„The Brand in the Digital Age“
Future Network Xchange, Frankfurt am Main, March 2016

„It’s me!“ – The Personal Brand in the Age of Digital Transformation
Querdenker iTalk, Frankfurt am Main, March 2016

„Good Design – Success Factor for Innovation and Change“
Commemorative Speech at the Academic Graduation of the BGBA Brüder-Grimm-Berufsakademie, Hanau, February 2016

„Mastering Change – Ensuring a viable Future: Agility & Innovation Competence as Key to Success“
1. Friedrichsdorfer Entrepreneur Evening, Friedrichsdorf, October 2015

„Safeguarding the Future – a Strong Brand is not a question of company size. Why?“
BVMW Entrepreneur Breakfast, Bad Nauheim, May 2015

„Brand Management – a cross-industry view on Management & Delivery“
Universität Hohenheim, Practice-orientied lecture, Stuttgart, January 2014