“In the digital age you cannot have innovation without a strong brand,
and you cannot have strong brands without innovation”



At MarkenFactory, we work for and with our clients at their nerve center for sustainable profitable growth and future success – with a focus on BRAND, INNOVATION and CHANGE (e.g. in the context of digital transformation, digital leadership, succession 4.0, the realignment of the working world, Train-the-Brain [based on Neuroscience], Transformation to the City of the Future Stadt der Zukunft [Smart City]).

The strong Humane Hybrid Brand constitutes the cornerstone of your business success and future viability. Digital technologies decisively influence brand perception. More than ever, corporate, employee, product, service, personal brands need sharp attractive profiles, clear attitudes, relevant benefit promises and strong presence at relevant customer touchpoints in the real and virtual world …

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In times of serious changes, the “Business as usual” or incremental innovation could not provide valuable solutions for the changing needs of society and customers. Powerful innovation help companies to stay successfull and viable in future. They influence existing markets, they tap new markets and new opportunities to grow. And they need a strong brand …

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“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”  (Buckminster Fuller)   Increasing digitalization, new competitors with disruptive business models, climate change,
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Workshop – Seminar – Training – Coaching – World Café – Open Space – Zukunftswerkstatt
Our individually adapted formats and specialist knowledge support your company in the “job to be done” – goal-oriented and effectively…

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Keynote Speech – Moderation – Panel – Publication – Focus Topic
Ideas and knowledge are resources that grow when people share them and get inspired by what is new, unknown and unusual – e.g., at customer or employee events …

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Focus Future

ECP 2020 – Neu: Discovery Workshop “Cooperative Value Creation”

Transformation to the City of the Future (Smart City): Vision

White Paper “The Future of Brands in a digitizing World”: Business Wire Expert Interview with Christine Riedmann-Streitz

Kommunikationsmanager 2_2019: Responsible Brands im digitalen Zeitalter von C. Riedmann-Streitz

Kommunikationsmanager 2_2018: Specialist Paper of Christine Riedmann-Streitz

Deutscher Markensummit 2018: Future Talk with Christine Riedmann-Streitz

“Your Brain_Your Power”: Clip 1 “Digitalization”

afbeelding video

Focus Topics

Cooperative Value Creation – gain New Options and develop Future Solutions

“The purest form of madness is to leave everything as it is and at the same time hope that something will change” (Albert Einstein) Concentrate your forces! Create new options for action and future solutions
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Train-the-Brain: Successful digitalization begins in the mind

Train-the-Brain – Successful digitalization begins in the mind (based in neuroscience)
The complexity and dynamics of the increasing digitalization cannot be mastered by “business-as-usual”; this leads to a “digital burnout”. One of the greatest danger for management is to think and act in yesterday’s logic of success. But new thinking does not arise by itself or by “announcement”…

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The Future of Brands in a Digitizing World

Business Wire White Paper “The Future of Brands in a digiziting World”. An Expert Interview mit Christine Riedmann-Streitz. “This white paper provides an in-depth expert interview with Christine Riedmann-Streitz, … the author of the book Hybrid Brands …

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