Get Prepared

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.“ (Henry Ford)

Digitization, new technologies and global developments have far-reaching effects on the economy and the working environment. Business as usual is no longer possible. Companies, organizations and institutions, their management and employees, must professionally strengthen their capabilities for a successful transformation.
Our support focusses on the key success factors as future-oriented thinking, committed actions, leadership 4.0, high innovativeness, brand strength and the ability to change. Our formats enable the participants – decision-makers, executives, entrepreneurs, project teams, employees – to master their current challenges and actively shape the future. They offer an individually orchestrated portfolio of specialist knowledge, insights, methods and techniques.

They are basically geared to high learning effects through interaction, reflection, live exercises, strong practical relevance (including transfer into the daily work). Effectiveness and efficiency is trained through the systematic, solution- and customer-oriented approach. They strengthen creativity, offer new impulses and possible alternatives and option and empower participants to change.


Workshop – Seminar – Training – Coaching – Expert Talk –  World Café – Open Space – Reverse Pitch Competition – Zukunftswerkstatt



Brand (Corporate, Employer, Product/Service, Person)

Brand Profiling

  • Identity
  • Positioning
  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Brand Promise and Brand Core Messages
  • Storytelling
  • Transfer: Brand Behavior

Hybrid Brand

  • Transformation to Hybrid Brand
  • Touchpont Strategy (online/offline)
  • Environmental Strategy (online/offline)

Responsible Brand

  • Transformation to Responsible Brand
  • Create a culture of attitude & responsibility
  • Storytelling
  • Cases
  • Transfer: Responsible Brand Behavior

Personal Branding

Common Purpose

  • Development of the Common Purpose („Why“ & „How“)
  • Corporate Values
  • Storytelling
  • Cases
  • Transfer: practiced culture

Train-the-Brain (neuroscience based empowerment)

  • Train-the-Brain Training Program
  • Empowering People: New working environments
  • Digitization from the perspective of the Neurosciences: The role of Human Capabilities in the Digital Age
  • Digitization – a Neuroscience Perspective on Digitalization and AI
  • Negotiate with success: Neuroscience findings for Negotiation & Interviewing
  • Agile Business Culture: How to overcome damaging Silo Mentality, Hedging Mentality and innovation Barriers
  • How to overcome Murphy’s Law: „Anything that can go wrong, does go wrong“
  • How to make safer decisions and manage risks
  • Train-the-Brain: Enhanced Performance, Higher Concentration


  • Successful Digital Transformation – Be Prepared for the Digital Future
  • Positive Leadership: Tranformation from a traditional culture that focusses on mistakes to a Leadership Culture that strenghtens Competencies and Potential.
  • Change – Manager as role model, enabler & creative leader: For managers who accept responsibility for a change project
  • Managing Change: How to become a „Transformation Manager & Change Agent“
  • Responsibility & Commitment: Transfer to a new leadership style that enables motivation and fosters performance
  • Leadership Communication: provide information – be informed – feel adequately informed – feel taken seriously and feel understood – Know and be able to apply the key factors of successful leadership in change processes
  • Cultural Change: Know and be able to apply the key success factors and methods of cultural change
  • Performance Management: How to create a Culture of Trust and Innovation
  • Merger & Acquisition: Reverse Pitch – how Traditional Companies can learn from Start-Ups and vice versa
  • Nudges – how to speed up change processes with appreciating nudges
  • New Work 4.0


  • Creativity: How are new ideas born in our company
  • Creativity Lab
  • Agile Innovation Process and how to create a practised culture
  • Agile work and agile work flows
  • Culture: How to overcome damaging silo mentality, hedging mentality and innovation barriers
  • How to mange projects in an agile manner
  • Design Thinking

Customer Centricity

  • Transformation to a practised Customer Centricity
  • Customer Centricity: Concept – Activities – Touchpoints – Communication – Behavior
  • Customer Centricity in the Digital Age
  • How to avoid the Customer Centricity Paradox


  • Navigating Complexity
  • Strategic Product Planing 4.0


Please contact us: Further topics on request. We customize all seminars etc. to your specific challenge and objective as well as to the needs of the individual participants.